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In order to increase the consumption of the tins with conscious of public opinion, Simsek Ambalaj believes in competing with quality to be the products of highquality and precise on the shelves. Only in this condition, the tendency to the alternative packaging solutions will decrease and sources of the country will be used more economical and productive because of the quick recycling of steel packages to the nature.



Environment - Friendly

t disappears in the nature just in a short time. As carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions would decrease, nature and environment are protected because of the rate of recycling.

Recycling & Renewabilty & Sustainability

It provides 100 % infinite recycling without losing none of its strenght and inherent chracteristics. Since it is used again, by decreasing the use of raw material and energy dramatically, it ensures the preservation and efficient use of natural resources for future generations. According to the datas of 2006, steel packages have the highest recycling rate in proportion of 66 % in Europe compared with any other packaging material. This proportion has doubled in the last 10 years.


Because of the convenience in carriage, storage and warehousing, it is saved from time, energy, labour and area. Since steel is naturally magnetic, the collection and the decomposition processes are simple, efficient and economic during the recycling period.

Steel that is made from 100 % scrap uses 75% less energy than steel produced from crude raw material.

It provides cost advantages by changing hardness and thickness values, accordingly the natural resources are protected since lesser raw material is used. ( After the improvements made in the steel production technology by keeping the carriage resistance constant, some metal packages are getting lighter in proportion of 33 % in the past 20 years.)

Protection & Safety

It does not give harm to human health by protecting the packaged product’s vitamin level, original flavour, freshness and maintaining it from external factors like sunshine,

moisture, dust, odour, oxygen, bacterium and parasites. It is safe, resistant and everlasting to strokes, does not break during the shipment. It is securer for the product. It needs less secondary packaging.


It can be used in high temperature for cooker and oven. It can keep the frozen products cool.