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Welcome to Şimşek Ambalaj

With more than 50 years of experience, Şimşek Ambalaj is a reliable partner, a responsible supplier acting through universal principles, and a benchmark company in markets served. We offer metal packaging solutions with highest quality standards for many industries; from paint, household, food and healthcare products to petrochemical, personal care, ink and cosmetic applications.
We manufacture 100% recyclable, forever sustainable and innovative products with infinite design opportunities that help our customers achieve their goals, thanks to our solid reputation, positive brand image and extensive experience.
We are fully aware of our responsibility on the consumer side, as the packaging gives the first impression of the product it carries.
At Şimşek Ambalaj, we are extremely proud of our beautiful heritage from the past.
Şimşek Ambalaj owes its strong position in the can packaging
industry to its commitment to quality, progressive corporate culture, sustainability and qualified workforce.
Tin can packaging is the product choice that best fits consumers’ environmental values for a brighter future and the planet.
We employ innovative individuals who are passionate about their talents, ready to grow with us to make a positive impact on themselves and the future, and create a difference.
What we do, we do best
Our commitments are your success

At Şimşek Ambalaj, we build everything on trust.

Our long-term success depends on our passion to top quality, creating value with a spirit of teamwork and leadership, and sensitivity to comply with our commitments even in the most challenging times. We are dedicated to achieving excellent results in order to meet the highest expectations of all our stakeholders by manufacturing eco-friendly value-added packaging in line with our principles of sustainability.

For years, we have been working for the better and providing many strategic benefits to well-respected global brands who use our products with confidence, at every stage of their journey. We have a deep innovation expertise to serve customers of all sizes around the world.

We improve the living standards of millions of people who experience our products by working relentlessly every day to create a healthier and happier life.

Packaging is the dress
of your products.
Do not compromise
on quality
to look elegant.